My name is Alexandra and I am freelance Photographer. As a photographer I specialize in portrait lifestyle photography as well as products shots for creating advertising content for a brand. When looking to hire a photographer for your specific needs, you want more than just someone who will quickly get the job done, you want someone that will take their time to deliver a product that will ultimately shine true to your brand. I enjoy challenging myself to capture memories of your special occasion, whatever that may be.

As a photographer, I love combining my love for adventure and the outdoors with my photography to create something special for you, that cannot be simply done in a studio. A photo session with me is more than just than just being in a studio, it is an experience. I believe that my job is to capture moments, memories, and stories for my client, for any occasion. Having experience on both ends of the camera, I know what it is like to have a photo taken of myself, that is more than just a photo, but a specific memory and moment that I can relate back to with a story. I believe this is what sets a photographer apart from the rest, giving a memory and a story that is solidified in a photo, to give it more meaning.

I have a passion for giving my client something that they will love and enjoy. I am always willing to travel to specific destinations if you have a place in mind, and I enjoy working in new environments, especially outdoors.